No Exam Whole Life Insurance – Clients Can Find the Best Rates Online

(PRWEB) August 20, 2014 has released a new blog post announcing that clients can find affordable no exam whole life insurance rates online.

No exam whole life insurance plans provide permanent coverage without requiring medical underwriting. Clients can qualify by completing a simple application form. The form has several questions about the applicants medical situation.

Clients can find the best offers online, by comparing quotes. Having life insurance is an important investment for providing the best financial security for vulnerable family members. Life insurance can also provide financial relief for funeral expenses.

Permanent life insurance plans that do not require medical underwriting are called final expense insurance. Simplified issue is also a no medical exam life insurance policy, but the coverage is temporary. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit Warns Consumers of Conflation Between Accidental Death Insurance and Life Insurance

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 26, 2014, a service which provides consumers with instant online life insurance quotes, is today alerting the public of a common but critical mistake many make with believing that an accidental death insurance policy is actually life insurance. “Accidental death insurance is only what it sounds like and nothing more. It’s a limited benefit which is paid only in event of death from accident. It costs very little and is extremely easy to qualify for, but it is simply not a replacement for life insurance, nor can it be ethically or legally referred to as life insurance. Banks market it a lot and often times people will believe they purchased $ 300,000 in life insurance for next-to-nothing. Accidental death insurance is fine in lieu of nothing, but it’s not a true secure long term solution to the mortality risks that the every person faces. Life insurance is however a seemingly bulletproof contract, suicide in the first two years and misrepresentation are the exclusions. After two years, these don’t apply except in the extreme case of an insured obtaining a policy by having a different person complete the lab exam on their behalf. Once the incontestability of life insurance is up, which happens within two years in all states in America, the protection is as ironclad and holistic as any insurance contract can ever be”, said Eric Smith, the founder and independent life insurance agent of

Consumers interested in getting instant life insurance quotes are encouraged to visit Information can also be obtained by phone at 888.374.2764.

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Gap Insurance Rates for High Risk Drivers Added to National Portal for Policy Research Online

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2014

New pricing is available for consumers to review using the Quotes Pros website on the Internet this year. A better source of gap insurance rates is being provided through the high risk locator system at

The national portal that has been built for usage by the public now has the capability to present more than regular state minimum auto insurance rates. The gap insurers that are now promoting pricing in the system are licensed companies in every state within the U.S.

“The portal that is available to use requires a submission of a zip code in place of regular VIN numbers or other consumer data,” said one Quotes Pros rep.

The high risk insurance industry has widened in recent years as more drivers are involved in at-fault or no-fault accidents, according to new studies. The issuance of gap coverage is one way that insurers are helping to prevent series accidents that require large payouts of insurance dollars.

“A car owner using our system for research has full use of our tools to find gap, auto, motorcycle or other related plans in the automotive industry,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company website has been transformed into a total resource center for men and women to use when comparing different rates for coverage on the Internet. The tools available can also be used daily to find out exact costs for life, homeowners, renters and business insurance at


The company is one source for learning the exact annual pricing for insurance policies in the United States. The Internet accessible tools that the company provides to consumers make it effortless to review provider pricing each day. The company uses zip codes to help consumers identify the rates packages that insurers are now providing in the defined company network.

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Now Calculated in Real Time at Insurer Portal

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Bike owners throughout the United States who are interested in the fluctuating prices in the insurance industry can now use the Quotes Pros website to explore price data online. The average cost of motorcycle insurance is now tabulated in real time at

A new calculator has been installed that is helping to prepare the rates that owners of bikes can use to compare lists of agencies. The rates information that is now supplied is linked to licensed companies to help motorcycle owners to purchase a policy that is affordable in all 50 states.

“The costs database that we’ve prepared for use this year is now one effective source that a person can use to explore rates packages from insurers,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The insurer system that is available to use has been programmed to display rates that are tied to more than state minimum protection plans from insurance agencies. A bike owner has the option to include collision coverage, additional rider protection and loss based policies to a standard price calculation.

“The insurance packages that are found inside of our easy to access database are prepared by insurers specializing in different bike coverage policies,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company has helped the American public to find exact price data since the 2013 year. New modifications have been completed this month that will further expand the access that system users have during research. Special rates can now be reviewed for life, auto, health and renter policies at


The company is one source to compare, locate or to purchase different coverage options in the insurance industry. The United States partners that exist inside a newly built database on the company homepage are making the lookups possible by consumers. The company has taken its tools national and is now a source to use for locating rates reviews in all 50 states.

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Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance – Clients Can Compare Life Insurance Quotes Online

(PRWEB) August 13, 2014 has released a new blog post announcing that clients can compare term and whole life insurance quotes online for free!

Many customers are unsure when it comes to choosing a life insurance plan. The newly released blog post explains what policy is the best one for them. Term and whole life insurance are two of the most popular plans and the comparison will help many clients make the right decision.

Term life insurance plans are cheaper, but whole life insurance provides more investment opportunities. Both policies provide financial relief for vulnerable family members. Clients who have a pre-existing medical condition can also qualify for coverage.

The best way to find affordable life insurance rates is to compare quotes. Clients can do this on a single website; all they have to do is complete one quote form. Finding affordable life insurance is now simpler and faster. is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit

Group Life Assurance: Workers Urged to Ensure Enforcement

Group Life Assurance: Workers Urged to Ensure Enforcement
Workers in the country under the umbrella of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have been urged to take charge and move for the enforcement of the group life assurance for workers by their employers as …
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Fitch Upgrades Irish Life Assurance plc's IFS Rating to 'A+'; Outlook Stable
(The following statement was released by the rating agency) LONDON, August 19 (Fitch) Fitch Ratings has upgraded Irish Life Assurance plc's (Irish Life) Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating to 'A+' from 'A', Long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to …
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Fosun International in talks to buy Swiss Re's US life insurance unit
Fosun International, the investment arm of the mainland's biggest closely held conglomerate, is in talks to acquire a United States life insurance arm of Swiss Re, people with knowledge of the matter said. Fosun was seeking to buy Aurora National Life …
Read more on South China Morning Post (subscription)

Best Life Insurance for Adults Aged 30 or Higher Now Priced at Insurer Website Online

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 16, 2014

American men and women who are now age 30 or more are a key demographic for life insurance, according to new research studies. The Quotes Pros company has now listed its best life insurance for adults inside of its finder system that is available free of charge to use at

The data that consumers can easily review when using the new system can help a person to easily compare the national costs versus local provider costs for a long-term coverage plan. Adults will use a zip code as the starting point to review all price information inside of the search tool.

“Direct prices for policies can now be found using our system on the Internet and any person in the U.S. has access to this accurate data,” said a Quotes Pros source.

The adult oriented system that is now open for use this year also distributes pricing information for child or senior plans. Older and younger adults can be covered under long and short-term plans that are providing by national companies. The search system gives access to these choices upon entering the system.

“Saving money when purchasing a policy for insurance is a key step of the process for the average person and our system can help someone buy an affordable plan,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company is continuing to support the public through use of its national finder tool this year and is allowing searches for other products by insurers. The auto industry database that is searchable from can be used to save money when buying car insurance.


The company provides insurer data for consumers to review when pricing protection plans for a variety of industries in the U.S. The company has opened its lookup system on the Internet that is accessible 24 hours a day to the public. The company uses a small network of companies to provide the price data that consumers access to learn about discounts or drops in annual pricing for policies this year.

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Anita Lambs New Storybook Depicts the Joy in Farm Life

Dannevirke, New Zealand (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Anita Lamb publishes a wonderful true-to-life storybook based on a hill country farm in New Zealand. Bundled with creativity, Split, Second & Romney and the Man in the Big Blue overalls (published by Xlibris NZ) portrays the vivid tale of three lambs and their life full of experiences.

Split, Second, and Romney and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls is an immersive book comprised of two stories. Lamb initially gives readers a storytelling heading dog called Blue. Blue tells the story of Split and Second, twin lambs who have had a dramatic life since the start. The two sheep meet an orphan lamb named Romney. All three of them quickly become best friends as they hang out together. Second becomes the next storyteller shortly after; she talks about their exciting life growing up on the farm. Readers will find themselves adoring the lives of these animals.

Full of laughter and imagination, this book is ideal for children who love animals; it gives them insight of life on a farm in the spring.

Split, Second & Romney and the Man in the Big Blue overalls

By Anita Lamb

Hardcover | 8.5 x 11in | 36 pages | ISBN 9781493138098

Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 36 pages | ISBN 9781493137824

E-Book | 36 pages | ISBN 9781493137817

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Born in Wollongong, Australia, Anita Lamb now lives with her husband, Dennis, on a hilly country sheep and beef farm in New Zealand. She completed an honors degree in organic chemistry at Sydney University, followed by a diploma in education. She then worked in the food industry as a quality assurance manager and also taught mathematics part-time at the Auckland University of Technology. Surrounded by animals she loves, she enjoys breeding heading dogs and horses.

Her first book, Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls, was highly praised by Kirkus as a charming, high-action farm story sure to be a hit with budding animal rescuers, and awarded four stars (out of five) by Clarion Review. About to be featured in an International Book Fair this October 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, Split, Second, and Romney and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls is her second book and she is working on more stories to come in the series.

Xlibris Publishing New Zealand, an Author Solutions, LLC imprint, is a self-publishing services provider dedicated to serving the needs of Kiwi authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and adopting the latest print-on-demand publishing technology and strategies, we provide expert publishing services with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound and full-color formats. To date, Xlibris has helped to publish more than 60,000 titles.For more information, visit or call 0800 443 678 to receive a free publishing guide. Follow us @XlibrisNZ on Twitter for the latest news.

LPL Financial Unveils New Retirement Planning Participant Website at focus14 Conference

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

LPL Financial LLC, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer*, a leading RIA custodian, and a wholly owned subsidiary of LPL Financial Holdings Inc., today announced at its focus14 conference the launch of its new Worksite Financial Solutions website, which has been designed to further help employees gain confidence in their financial future.

The website ( was developed primarily for plan participants, but also may prove to be a powerful marketing tool for LPL Financials advisors. Because anyone can access and view the site, advisors have the ability to showcase Worksite Financial Solutions at a whole new level, said Adam Sokolic, senior vice president of LPL Retirement Partners. The websites contemporary and intuitive interface is designed to help clients understand the simplicity of the participant solutions and how they can be leveraged to help improve financial wellness.

LPL Financials main objective in launching the website is to demystify retirement by offering plan participants education about their options through different life stages. Providing online financial tools to participants such as calculators, videos, articles and tutorials is intended to help them make better financial decisions throughout their careers and become more confident about their futures, Sokolic explained.

Worksite Financial Solutions was built to help employees organize their financial lives and become more confident about their financial decisions, said Dave Reich, executive vice president and head of LPL Retirement Partners. In addition, we have an online platform that can serve as an additional resource for advisors and help them stand out to their clients because of the difference they can make.

LPL Retirement Partners introduced Worksite Financial Solutions in 2013 as a beginning-to-end retirement solution that enables retirement plan sponsors and advisors to address the needs of plan participants throughout their financial lives, from hire to separation and beyond. To date, the program has enrolled 429 qualified retirement plans representing more than 119,000 participants.

*Based on total revenues, Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2014

About LPL Financial

LPL Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of LPL Financial Holdings Inc., is a leader in the financial advice market and serves $ 465 billion in retail assets. The company provides proprietary technology, comprehensive clearing and compliance services, practice management programs and training, and independent research to more than 13,800 independent financial advisors and over 700 banks and credit unions. LPL Financial is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer since 1996 (based on total revenues, Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2014), is a fast-growing RIA custodian with $ 78 billion in retail assets served, and acts as an independent consultant to over 40,000 retirement plans with approximately $ 110 billion in retirement plan assets served. In addition, LPL Financial supports approximately 4,400 financial advisors licensed with insurance companies by providing customized clearing, advisory platforms, and technology solutions. LPL Financial and its affiliates have 3,374 employees with primary offices in Boston, Charlotte, and San Diego. For more information, please visit

LPL Retirement Partners is the retirement plan-focused division of LPL Financial, LLC.

Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial. A Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC



Connect with us!

Listen: LPL Financial On The Air


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Where’s the Podcast?

Hi –

If you came to this page looking for the Short Cummings Audio presents Happily Domesticated podcast, I’m afraid you’ve arrived too late. After four-and-a-half years of production and distribution, I made the decision to shut down the show.

(To be honest, since April of 2010 it’s been re-runs, so it wasn’t too big a jump from that to a total shut down.)

For those of you confused by the first two paragraphs…a little explanation. This blog is the companion to an audio program called Happily Domesticated. That sounds really cool, but it was mostly just me reading the essays into a computer. So if you didn’t stumble across that while it was running…you didn’t miss any of the content…just my voice.

If you want to get in touch with me, post a comment below. I get notified of all of them and I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you — too many to name, but you know who you are — who contributed to the podcast experience; thank you. You made it a wonderful ride!

To those of you who still want access to the material, the essays are all here on the site for your reading pleasure. If there’s something you remember, but can’t find … let me know. I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

I’m busy with other writing projects right now and when the time is right, I’ll post information here.

With fond regards,

19 Responses to Where’s the Podcast?

  1. Cooper Coleman

    Kind of feel like I lost a friend…

  2. David Harrison

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for riding with my family and I to church each week over the last 4 years. We really appreciated you clean humor. We will miss it. I still have archives of a lot of your shows and we will no doubt listen to them again. It was refreshing to be able to depend on you for humor without the offensive language that a lot of the other comedy show contain.

    Bless you in your future endeavors. – The Harrison Family

  3. Thanks for the last 4 years. My blog, BDGJM, would not exist without your inspiration and mentorship. I will miss your podcasts but I know your projects will be met with success.


  4. Thanks Shane. I’m glad I could be part of your journey as a writer…and I really enjoy your blog!

  5. I’m sorry to hear this. I enjoyed listening to your stories even when they were the reruns. Any plans for any new audio projects or to someday put the audio back up? Either as an archive or even a purchasable dvd?

    • Glad you enjoyed listening. At the moment, I don’t have a place to host an archive, but I’ll give some thought to compiling them into a single disc. The files come to a little over 1 GB, so it would be easy to get ‘em all on a DVD.

  6. I’m sorry to hear this, but glad we got 200 excellent episodes and a year of reruns of some of the favorites. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the KLC media empire.

  7. Hey Kevin, sorry to see it go. Have you heard of a site called ? Maybe there’s an opportunity for them to read your stories instead. Just a thought. Be well.

  8. Hey Kevin! Sorry to see you go. You’re a big part of my podcasting experience, too. Gonna miss you.

  9. Sergey Stopkevych

    Hello Kevin. I came across your podcast series just in the end of the last year. I was so astonished by your clean, sparkling and intelligent humor, that spent two days downloading your essays, and then, for the last several months I’ve enjoyed my driving to work more than ever, shocking people around by insane happiness on my facial expression, especially in the morning. I am Ukrainian and my mother tongue is Russian. I like Russian literature very much and love powerful Russian language. It’s ways different from English, not just by words, you know. Listening to your podcast, I want to thank you for amazing language you made me feel, and, what is much more for the humor which proves that there are like-minded people all over the world despite the language they speak or country they live. I recommended your essays to all my friends who know or learn English and they were astonished as well. That’s really a pity you stopped podcasting, and the only excuse might be that the novel you are co-authoring will be an outstanding one. Good luck!

    • Thank you Sergey. Your kind words are a gift to me.

      My writing partner and I are revising the novel. (Although, my partner is a much better writer than I am.) And we will annouce it in this space when it is available.

  10. i hope you find a solution to archive the podcast somewhere (and get some money for your good work). My French students liked them.

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